Stardoll Cheats tool V3.2

Stardoll Cheats is a hack for stardoll. This work using the following browsers: Firefox, Internet explorer and Chrome. It have lots of great features. But the top one and the ones who are users of this tool interested in are adding unlimited StartCoins, StartDollars and StartPoints. I’ve added a special feature called additional hacks, this one is pretty cool because using it you can edit any game resource and get unlimited game resources.
Stardoll Cheats
Below I will show you how to use stardoll cheats. Is simple to use it but many users had difficulties when this was in beta so that is the reason I wrote an easy to follow tutorial about how you can use the tool at maximum capacity and very quickly.

Download and open it. This is working for all known operating system: linux, mac and windows. Based on your operating system you will be redirected to a different download page when you click the download button.
Make sure your account is log in and choose the browser. You can choose from Internet explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Click connect button. If everything was fine you can move to the next step, if something went wrong you will receive a message.
Select what features do you want and for startcoins, startdollars and startpoints choose the number of them, you can choose any number but I recommend you to choose a number under a million to stay under the any hack system of the game.
Click hack and let stardoll cheats do the work for you and don’t forget to enjoy your new resources also you can share this application with you friends but of course after you show them how good are you at this game.


Any questions you may have ask me commenting below or contact me using the mail address I’ve provided on contact me page but the best way is to comment below because I can see all your comment, the mail may get into spam folder and I may never see it. Any suggestion you have about stardoll cheats or for a brand new hack let me know and I will do my best to create it or to add the feature if we talk about this one.